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What we do

Healthy relationships are at the heart of leading a positive and healthy life. If you live in Stockport and are experiencing domestic abuse or other relationship problems then the Alliance for Positive Relationships (APR) is here to help.

We work with:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Community Groups
  • Statutory organisations

Unfortunately we do not work on a one-to-one basis with children - but do provide awareness sessions and training - along with working with children as part of a whole family approach

We have a dedicated team of friendly, experienced caseworkers, who can either give you general advice or can work with you to help with:

  • Addressing domestic abuse

    This doesn't just mean violence, also if a partner or someone close to you:

    • threatens you
    • shoves or pushes you
    • makes you fear for your physical safety
    • puts you down, or attempts to undermine your self-esteem
    • controls you, for example by stopping you seeing your friends and family or limits access to money
    • is jealous and possessive, such as being suspicious of your friendships and conversations
    • frightens you

    Please note: we are not an emergency service and please call 999 if you are afraid for your safety.

  • Dealing with confrontational or volatile relationships

    This may overlap with domestic abuse, but could include where:

    • The smallest issue turns into confrontation or a row
    • Conflicts within the family are getting you down
  • Building self-esteem and managing relationships

    Working with you to:

    • Help you look after your own wellbeing
    • Set boundaries with people and in your relationships
    • Recognise where things are going wrong
    • Avoid ending up in relationships that are not positive for you

We work by helping you to decide what is important for you, developing an individual plan to meet your goals and objectives.  You can talk to us in confidence, and we can arrange any meetings in a location where you feel safe and at ease.

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Page last reviewed 29/05/2018